Planet Way Round

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Explore the tropical jungles, rugged Himalayan mountains and deserts while your Royal Enfield Bullet lays down its inimitable soundtrack. Leave the superfluous luxury and boredom behind, and experience the carefully selected dream routes, country roads, remote mountain passes, 500cc in your single cylinder and 625ml in your Kingfisher Lager bottle to wash down the dust at the end of the day !

– Does the sight of a classic motorcycle put a wistful gleam in your eye? – Do you love riding an authentic bike? – Do you need to feel the warm breeze in your hair and savor freedom on two wheels? – Do you savor long, challenging rides and remote mountain roads? – Do you agree that eating dust all day makes the evening’s first beer so much better? – Can you live without undue luxury? – Do you like your touring on the rugged side? – Do you have an open mind for foreign cultures? – Can you imagine motorcycling as a form of meditation? If you answered those questions with YES, call us now. We have just the right thing for you. Check out our fix trip Itinerary’s .