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Lahaul – Spiti Bike Tour

Adventure offers Human being the ability to live with their most passionate idea. Once engaged a person enjoys “Satori”. Adventure Biking is one of the passion which leadstowards uncommon Passion of living.

Rides in Lahaul and Spiti will give you that one moment of Satori. Virgin and Raw passes of this valley are now open for riders. It is Landlocked from all sides, Lofty Ranges on one side watersheds on one side. This Mountain Dessert provides you raw and rough passes. It is essential to understand the layout of these passes to understand Spiti. These Jagged and plunging roads leads us to the breath-taking view of some amazing Lakes, Valleys, Monasteries and much more. So Ride with our experience team and lead your life to Satori..


The Passes

Kunzam Pass- 4551 m

Rohtang Pass- 3980 m

One night in camping (chatru/Chandertal),

Tour Start in Chandigarh, finish in Manali

Best Season: June- October

  • Itinerary


    Day 1: Chandigarh to Narkanda(180km) P8080686.JPG

    Road type: 70% tar roads and 30% off-roading.

    Altitude: 2710m.  

    Stay: Lakeside Apple Farm Resort.

    Food:Staple Local Food in Hotel

    Attraction: Skiing point, Apple Farms, Beautiful Mountain    







    Day 2: Narkanda to Sangla (180Km) Sangla-Valley-1

    Road type: 30% tar roads and 70% off-roading.

    Altitude: 3450m.  

    Stay: Nice Hotel Stay.

    Food: Staple Local Food in Hotel

    Attraction: Piri Nag Temple Sapni, Baspa River in Sangla Valley is rich in apple orchids, apricot. View of Picturesque village Kinnaur. It is beautifully located township amid mountain with Shrikhand Mahadev peak (5155m).




    Day 3: Sangla to Kalpa (60km) P8050467.JPG

    Road type: 100% off-roading.

    Altitude: 2960m.  

    Stay: Nice Tent Stay.

    Food:Staple Local Food.

    Attraction: Explore Kalpa, View Mount Kailash, Explore Chitkul-Last inhabited village india on indo-china border.  Potatoes grown here are world famous and very costly. Non-predictable weather conditions are famous here. Even in summers sometimes temperature goes down suddenly resulting into snowfall.




    Day 4: Kalpa to Tabo(160km)DSC04294.JPG

    Road type: 100% off-roading.

    Altitude: 3280m.  

    Stay: Nice Tent Stay.

    Food:Staple Local Food.

    Attraction: Nako monastery, Nako lake, Tabo is a small village situated on the bank of River Spiti.We will drive through Ribba, Moron and Tila monasteries to Tabo a journey of 6 to 7 hours. According to the monks this 1000 years old holiest mud structured monastery is a epithet of “Ajanta of Himalayas”.




    Day 5: Tabo – Pin – Kungri – Dhankar – Kaza (100km) IMG_4169.jpeg

    Road type: 100% off-roading.

    Altitude: 3450m.  

    Stay: Enjoy the stay in homestay.

    Food:Staple food with locals

    Attraction: Dhankar Lake, Kungri Gompa,Kaza is the remotest village in Himachal Pradesh surrounded by High Mountains. On the way we will also see Kungri and Dhankar Monasteries. Kaza is famous for its colourful festivals.





    Day 6: Kaza – Ki – Kibber Comic (Highest Village) – Loshar (100km) IMG_4215.JPG

    Road type: 100% off-roading.

    Altitude: 4116m.  

    Stay: Enjoy the stay in Loshar homestay.

    Food:Staple food with locals

    Attraction: Ki Monastery (4116m) with rare paintings and scriptures is the oldest and biggest in Spiti. Further ride to Kibber (4140m) one of the highest villages in the world. Post your cards through post located at the highest point in a world.





    Day 7: Loshar to Chander Tal (Via Kunzum pass) 100kmDSC04458.JPG

    Road type: 100% off-roading.

    Altitude: 4551m.  

    Stay: Nice Tents near Chandar tal (4270m)

    Food:NiceStaple food

    Attraction: Hit adventurous Kunzum pass (4551m) and picturesque Chandertal Lake (4270m).The lake is placed between a low ridge and the main Kunzum range with an outlet into the Chandra River.






    Day 8:  Chatru/Chandertal to Manali (100km) kunzum

    Road type: 100% off-roading.

    Altitude: 2050m.  

    Stay: Nice Hotel Stay

    Food:Evening farewell dinner

    Attraction: Today is the last Day of our tour. Farewell Dinner in evening. Share your journey with a group at party in Manali. Go home with lots of happy memories and a SATORI and some gifts from us for your lifetime memory.



     Day 9:  Manali to Kullu airport/ Delhi / Chandigarh drop


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