Planet Way Round

Things to carry List

Do not carry too much – ride lighter. Max 2 bag/total weight 30-40kg.

For riding

1 Riding pant/jeans/cargo pant any of one.  ( for bikers )
2 Riding Jacket / warmer (warm shirt or sweat shirt) / inner warmer. & any good water – wind proof jacket / riding Jacket.( one pant and jacket will be used all the journey ,when you are riding ) ( for Bikers)
3   Good riding shoes any one (If anklet /high top then better)   ( for Bikers)
4   Good 2/3 warm and cotton pair of socks.
5   Riding gloves or any warm leather / woolen gloves for riding. 
6  Good helmet. ( for Bikers )
7  Good sun glasses.
8  Two-piece rain coat.(needed between CHD – MANALI)For normal day (City Use)
9  Good pants / jeans 1-2 set only
10  Sweatshirt / warmer shirt 1-2 only.
11  Night suit.( if u use )
12  Inner wear 3-5 pairs
13  Woolen cap, muffler

Other items

14  Sleeping bag/blanket (optional as we provide bedding at all destinations)
15  Torch. 
16   Water bottle/Camelbak – (very important for high altitude sickness)
17   Basic first aid kit with essential medicines, or your prescribed medication if you are on medication.
18  Sun screen lotion.( good for prevent sun burn)
19  Body lotion/lip guard (good in cold and dryness)
20  Paper soap.
21  Travel kit (soap/shampoo/oil/deo/shaving kit etc)
22  Camera/phone and spare power supply, chargers, memory storage devices films, tapes etc.
23  Lighter – matchbox
24  Knife.
25  A light high-energy snack
26  Floaters or sandals.

Between Manali – ? Leh u would not have to chance take a bath./phone call /charge mobile and camra , Because Temps between 10 to 25 *C & and you would be staying in tents and guesthouses.

For your bike/Jeep

27  Before riding your bike /jeepcheck engine oil, all cables, all nut and bolts, chain, tire-tube, complete services etc.

Things to avoid on the bike / Jeep( for personal bike/Jeep )

28  Extra lights  ( for Bike only)
29  Extra  Heavy horns ( for bike only)
30  Heavy after market horns
31  Any other non necessary add ons
32  Non standard high rise handle bars ( bikes only)
33  Some number plates fitted on the front mudguard are likely to break the headlamp at full travel (bike only)
34  Extended front forks ( bike only)
36  Modified swing arms  ( bike only)

Need to carry for bike

37   Luggage carrier or saddle bags  ( bike only)
38   All Imp Tools of your bike/Jeep.
39   Tyre tube –1/2
40   Spark plugs.
41  Clutch cable-1/2
42  Front brake cable-1 (For drum brake bikes)
43  Accelator cable –1
44  Head light bulb-1
45  Tale light bulb-1
46  Electric fuse-2
47  Chain lock-1 ( bike only)
48  Brake lever, clutch lever,york ( bike only)
49  If your bike is with point then (carry point,point condenser,charging rectifier.)
50  Any 2T oil or engine oil for top up in your bike/jeep.(500ML/2ltr )
51  Spare bike/Jeep key (you could also keep this with us or a friend)
52  Polythene for bags covering in rain and dust .
53  Jerry canes for extra fuel (if  going 2 Zanskar or all lake rout )
54 Bungee and net cords for your luggage.( luggage will be light as u can because all luggage carry by self on ur bike/jeep)

The things you might need on a trip like this is unlimited. However, the things you will end up using is limited. While packing for the trip use the weight Vs utility ratio to decide whether or not to carry a certain item.