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Zanskar & Ladakh Bike Tour


Our Zanskar Bike Tour is founded on our years of experience with motorcycle expeditions in Ladakh. You will experience new tracks, passes and highlights. Extreme Zanskar is very rarely covered and we are delighted to offer you extreme Zanskar bike tour. The off-roading to Ladakh, India’s coldest desert is a once-in-a-life time experience. Staying in tents, eating packed food and enjoying the surrounding environment can only be done in the region like Ladakh. This challenging tour demands solid riding skills, a sense of adventure and flexibility, which is very must require when taking part in Himalaya expeditions which covers around 2800 km and considerable altitude differences.


No of Trip Days 15 days and 15 nights
Total Distance Covered 2800km
Off-Roading Distance 1800km
Best Time to visit May to September
Staple Food Dal, Rajma, Rice, Yak milk ,meat, Thupka, Momos,Noodles, Maggi,Yak cheese
Culture Buddhism and Muslim
Number of Passes covered 15 passes
Number of lakes covered 5 Lakes
Modes of Accessibility Bike, Jeeps, SUV, Cycle, Trekking
Average Temperature

Day time : Average 25 degree Celsius

Night time : Average 5 to 10 degree Celsius

Hotel Stays 10 days
Tent Stays 5 days
Average Journey Hours per day 6 to 8 Hrs.
Highlighted  attraction of the Trip Khardungla, Zozila, Penzila, Changlangla, Pangong Lake, Drang-Drum Glacier, Tso Morari, White Dessert (Nubra Valley) , Gata Loops and many more. For Details refer Itinerary.

  • Itinerary

                                                                                           15942344 1035131123258521 1490979376 n                                                                              

    Day 1: - Chandigarh to Patnitop, 450 Km    

    Road type:Tar Roads and Highways.

    Attraction: Hill station in Jammu Kashmir situated on Shivalik belt

    of Himalaya.

    Altitude: 2024m.

    Stay: Nice Hotel in a cool weather of Patnitop.

    Food: Punjabi Food in a Hotel



    Day 2:- Patnitop to Srinagar, 170Km

    Road type:Tar Roads and Highways.

    Attraction: Flowing Chenab River along the Road side, Longest Tunnel

    in India “Jawahar Tunnel”, Dal Lake.

    Altitude: 1585m.

    Stay: Nice Hotel in Srinagar

    Food: Staple Veg /Non Veg Food of Srinagar served on Shakira or

    Walk street.



                                                                               IMG 8779 Copy

    Day 3:- Srinagar to Kargil, 200km

    Road type:50% Off-roading and 50% back-top road.

    Attraction: Zozila Pass (4300m), Musical Suru River, Drass (world’s second coldest habitant place, War Memorial.

    Altitude: 2600m.

    Stay: Nice Hotel in Kargil

    Food: Staple Veg/ Non Veg Food Baltistan.





                                                                                                                 IMG 0639 copy                 

    Day 4:-Kargil to Rangdum, 130 Km.

    Road type:90% Off-roading and 10% back-top road.

    Attraction:Goosebumps giving view of Galaxy in Rangdum,

    Suru Valley, Nun-Kun Glacier. Don’t forget to bring Tri-pod,

    Beautiful Rangdum Monastery

    Altitude: 3657m. (12000ft)

    Stay: Stay in a tent

    Food: Dal, Rice, Curry, Local Juicy Fruit, Cheese Paratha, local rum

    (if required)


                                                                                                                                    IMG 0651 copy                                               

    Day 5:- Rangdum to Padum, 90Km.

    Road type:    100% Off-roading .

    Attraction: Penzi La Pass (4401m), Drang-Drung Glacier, Remotest Village Padum.

    Altitude: 3669m. (12000ft)

    Stay: Stay in a tent

    Food: Dal, Rice, Curry, Local Juicy Fruit, Veg Thumpka, Local food.




    IMG 2719 copy

    Day 6:- Sightseeing in Padum

    Attraction: Karsha Monastery, Sunset View, and

    Waterfall, Have Chat with Locals.









                                                                                                                                 15935509 1035088736596093 2069105151 o                             

    Day 7: – Padum (ZanskarValley) to Parkachik, 180 km

    Roadtype:100% Off-roading .

    Attraction: Penzi La Pass (4401m), Drang-Drung Glacier, Nun-Kun Glacier, Yoga Sessions.

    Altitude:      3200m

    Stay:     Stay in a Guest House

    Food: Local taste of Dal, Rice, Curry.



                                                                                  15941836 1035122709926029 1618961586 n

    Day 8:- Parkachik to Lamayuru, 190km

    Road type:50% Off-roading and 50% back-top road.

    Attraction: Fotula Pass (4108m),  Namkila Pass (3978m), Moon

    like Landscape of Lamayaru, 500 year old monastery, Yoga sessions.

    Altitude: 3510m.

    Stay: Stay in a Hotel with a moonland view.

    Food: Proper 4 course meal.



                                                                                         IMG 9442 Copy          

    Day 9:- Lamayuru to Leh, 140km

    Road type:    100% back-top road.

    Attraction: Magnetic Hill, Pathar Sahib Gurudwara, Sangam of Indus

    and Zanskar River

    Altitude: 3500m.    

    Stay: Stay in a Hotel near Leh Bazaar

    Food: Proper 4 course meal.




                                                                                                                       15941966 1035148456590121 1532310176 n

    Day 10:-Rest and Local Sightseeing day in Leh

    Servicing day for Bikes and local sightseeing day for you. You can enjoy

    the visit to Leh Palace, Shey, Thiksey & Hemis Monasteries, Shanti Stupa, Hall of Fame and many more.







                                                                                  file787 copy

    Day 11:- Leh to Hunder (Nubra Valley) 150km

    Road type:50% Off-roading and 50% back-top road.

    Attraction: The famous KHARDUNGLA Pass (5360m or 18379ft),

    White Dessert Nubra Valley, Double Hump Camel Safari, Shyok River.

    Altitude: 3048m.    

    Stay: Stay in a Tent near stream

    Food: staple 4 course meal.



                                                                                                      IMG 5191 copy                                                     

    Day 12:- Hunder to Pangong Tso via Warila Pass 230km or

    Shyok route 170km

    Road type:100% Off-roading

    Attraction: Luminous Blue-Green Pangong Lake.

    Lake (5360m).

    Altitude: 5360m.    

    Stay: Stay in a Tents

    Food: staple food



                                                                                            file507 copy 

    Day 13:-PangongTso to Tso Moriri 210 km

    Road type: 100% Off-roading

    Attraction: ''Chushul Valley'' that was used in the Sino-Indian War, Rezang La War Memorial, Tsaka La, Nyoma, Thatsankaru Lake 4500m.

    Tso Kar Lake,  Magnificent Tso Moriri Lake

    Altitude: 4595m.    

    Stay: Stay in a Tents

    Food: staple food

     (If we have issues with ILP for Chushul route then we take Leh - Tso Moriri direct rout)



                                                                                                 15943173 1035178526587114 1897651990 o                                                         

    Day 14:- Tso Moriri to Sarchu (200 km)

    Road type:50% Off-roading and 50% back-top road

    Attraction: Puga Hot Springs, Polokong la, Tso-Kar Lake 4530m,

    Tent City Pang, The biggest and highest Plateau on Earth on,

    21 Gata Loops, Lachungla Pass (5059m), Nakeela Pass 4740m,

    Altitude: 4290m.   

    Stay: Stay in Tents

    Food: staple food



                                                                               IMG 5837 copy

    Day 15:- Sarchu to Manali, 250Km.

    Road type:  50% Off-roading and 50% back-top road

    Attraction: Baralacha pass (3350m), Rohatang Pass (3978m), Suraj Tal, Deepak Tal.

    Altitude:  2050m.                                                                                                    

    Stay: Stay in Nice Hotel

    Food: Proper 4 course meal.


    With last party of the team and our bags full of memories we will take your leave.

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  • Festivals in Ladakh


    Name of Festival






    Spituk Gustor

    January 7-8

    January 25-26

    January 14-15

    January 3-4

    January 22-23

    Leh & Likir Dosmochey

    February 6-7

    February 24-25

    February 13-14

    February 2-3

    February 21-22

    Yargon Tungshak

    February 12-13

    March 2-3

    February 19-20

    February 8-9

    February 27-28

    Stok Guru Tsechu

    February 16-17

    March 6-7

    February 24-25

    February 14-15

    March 3-4

    Matho Nagrang

    February 21-22

    March 11-12

    March 1-2

    February 18-19

    March 8-9

    Saka Dawa

    May 20

    June 9

    May 29

    June 17

    June 5

    Yuru Kabgyat

    July 1-2

    June 21-22

    June 12-13

    June 29-30

    June 18-19

    SilkRoute Festival,Nubra

    June 23-24

    June 23-24

    June 23-24

    June 23-24

    June 23-24

    Hemis Tsechu

    July 14-15

    July 3-4

    June 23-24

    July 11-12

    June 30 - July 1

    Sachkul Gustor

    July 21-22

    July 11-12

    June 30 - July 1

    July 19-20

    July 7-8

    Stongday Gustor

    July 22-23

    July 12-13

    July 1-2

    July 20-21

    July 8-9

    Karsh Gustor

    July 31- August 1

    July 21-22

    July 11-12

    July 30-31

    July 18-19

    Phyang Tsesdup

    July 31- August 1

    July 21-22

    July 11-12

    July 30-31

    July 18-19

    Korzok Gustor Tsomoriri

    August 5-6

    July 26-27

    July 15-16

    August 3-4

    July 23-24

    Dakthok Tsetsu

    August 13-14

    August 2-3

    July 22-23

    August 10-11

    July 29-30

    Sani Nasjal Zanskar

    August 17-18

    August 6-7

    July 26-27

    August 14-15

    August 2-3

    Deskit Gustor Nubra

    October 28-29

    October 17-18

    October 7-8

    October 26-27

    October 14-15

    Thiksay Gustor

    November 17-18

    November 6-7

    October 27-28

    November 15-16

    November 3-4

    Chemday Wangchok

    November 27-28

    November 16-17

    November 5-6

    November 24-25

    November 13-14

    Galdan Namchot

    December 23

    December 12

    December 2

    December 21

    December 10

    Ladakhi Losar

    December 30

    December 19

    December 8

    December 27

    December 15