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About Team

Rahul Chauhan:(MAT) facebook logo
Rahul chauhan mat

Rahul known as MAT in biking community is Doctor by profession and Audacious Biker and a resilient traveller by Passion. He is very passionate about bikes &4x4 . He loves to fix and modify the bikes & Jeeps. He has travelled almost on all types of terrains and hasvery good knowledge of weather prediction and Geography. Apart from this he is great Friend, Philosopher, Story teller, Yoga & Reiki Master, etc. He is agreat inspiration and admired by all.


  1. He is senior Founder member of Road survivors Chandigarh Bullet Club.
  2. He has travelled all over India and ASIA or Middle Asia on bike.
  3. Travelled to Leh -Ladakh, Zanskar  Spiti -Pangi  bike or Jeep trips more than 100 times.
  4. Associated with many Jeep and 4x4 trips.
  5. Organizedlimca record for most number of bikers travelling at a same time from Manali to Leh.

Rohit Chauhan (MAT 2) facebook logo
Rohit chauhan mat 2

Rohit is pathologist by profession and Energetic Trekker, Electrifying Racer and engrossed artist by Passion. He always thinks out of the box and that helps him for trekking and camping. His thoughts and imaginations are described from his sketches.


  1. Trekked  and camped in almost all parts of Himalaya (Himachal Pradesh & North East)
  2. Associated with Trekking Groups.
  3. Associated with Bike, Cycle tours (LADAKH, ZANSKAR and HIMACHAL PRADESH)
  4. He is popular for his Pencil Art.(google rohit arts)



Ricky Singh  facebook logoRicky singh1

He is the man behind the camera and is full of passion as he loves capturing life time movements. He has studied human PSYCHOLOGY and holds a good experience in his field. He loves to explore new places for his adventure photography. An outdoor camping lover, he is also an avid biker and nature lover. He is very good Friend and Mood elevator of the group.


  1. Travelled to  Ladakh, Zanskar ,Bhutan on bike trips more than 20 times.
  2. Travelled on all types of terrian
  3. Also associated with many Jeep and 4x4 trips.


Sheetal Baranth facebook logo sheetal 2

Sheetal is a Civil & Structural Engineer by Profession and an Audacious backpacker an energetic solo traveller by inclination. Loves to explore new places and make friends. She is the Motivator of the group and Stirring writer. She is the only women power of the team.


  1. Back packed almost all parts of India.
  2. Trekked and camped in all parts of Sahyadri Mountain Ranges of Maharashtra & North India.
  3. Associated with backpacking tours & Photography tours .



Vrishi Guleria facebook logoVrishi Manu

Vrishi the youngest member of the team is a Civil Engineer by profession andbackpacker by inclination. A Great Observer, an avid trekker, Adventurous Traveller, Landscape photographer and on top of all these he is an amazing Guitarist and a Composer. Always keeps the team spirit high.


  1. Trekked  and camped in almost all parts of Himalaya (Himachal Pradesh & North East)
  2. Backpacked NEPAL, BHUTAN and INDIA.
  3. Associated with Trekking Groups.
  4. Associated with Bike, Cycle tours (LADAKH, ZANSKAR and HIMACHAL PRADESH)


Ankush Bhardwaj facebook logoankus

Ankush is Computer Engineer by Profession and manages the backend web work of Planet way round. He is passionate about Hiking. He is the Brave Heart guy and very friendly in nature.


  1.  Foodie person and loves to taste different kind of food from all corner of the country.
  2.  Associated with hiking tours.
  3.  Hiked and explored in different parts of Himalaya.