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Chadar Trek ( Zanskar frozen river trekking )

This expedition-like trek takes us on the frozen Zanskar River through a breathtaking gorge all the way up to Zanskar. Zanskar which is located to the south west of Leh, is surrounded by the Himalayan and Zanskar ranges, which is the most isolated of all the trans-Himalayan valleys. The valley covering 5,000 sq kms is at an elevation of 13,154 ft. The route from Kargil to Padum is the only motorable road to reach Zanskar Valley. The area remains inaccessible for around 7 months in the year due to heavy snowfall. All the passes are closed in winter and the only alternate route out of Zanskar in winters is the frozen Zanskar River, which has become a popular destiny for winter tourist hikers. This is popularly known as Chaddar trek.

Best Time: Jan to 2nd week of March

Duration: 9-10 days


  • A trek of 10 days, starting from Chiling, up the Zanskar River to the village of Lingshed, where one takes a break and can visit the historical monasteries. Same way back to Chiling again, visiting on the way Nyerags village.
  • A trek of 15 days, starting from Chiling, up the Zanskar River all the way to Padum in the Zanskar Valley, where one takes a break and can visit several places of interest in the area. Same way back to Chiling, with a short visit to Lingshed on the way.
  • Itinerary

    (Day-1): Fly from Delhi to Leh (3500 m) and stay at Hotel
    (Day-2): Acclimatization, sightseeing in leh (By Car) & Packing
    (Day-3): Leh – Chilling – Tilath sumdo (By Road)–Shingrak (Trek 2-3 Hrs.) Night Stay in Cave / Camp.
    (Day-4): Shingrak – Muska La – Choumo Cave (By Trek) Night Stay in Cave / Camp.
    (Day-5): Choumo Cave – Tipouma – Nyrakpulu Village (By Trek) Night stay in village / Camp.
    (Day- 6): Nyrakpulu – Tipouma (By Trek) Night Stay in Camp.
    (Day- 7): Tipouma –Muska la (By Trek) Night Stay in Cave & Camp.
    (Day- 8): Muska la – Tilath sumdo – Chilling (By Trek).-Leh from Chilling (By Road). Night Stay in Hotel.
    (Day- 9): Fly from Leh to Delhi.

  • FAQ

    Is previous hiking experience necessary to go on a trek

    As long as you are in good physical shape, you do not require any hiking experience for short treks. If you are planning a trek longer than a week, you should work out or do long day hikes at home for practice.

    What equipment should I bring

    Trekking equipments check listing (Personal Items to be brought by Clients)The list of items as given below gives a general idea of the personal items to be brought by a trekker to trek in Nepal. Actually, the personal items are of individual interest, choice and the luxury he/she wants to enjoy and the most important fact he/she must consider is the time of the year, trekking days, region and altitude as per the situation,

    Foot wear: Hiking boots with some ankle support Training type shoe Flip – flop or slippers for use around the camp.

    Clothes: Cotton shirts, T- shorts, jeans, etc. for day use. Socks and underwear 4/5 that can be easily washed and dried on daily basis. Trekking suits, light sweater, a wind proof jacket or lightly padded jacket, down jacket umbrella, sun hat, waterproof gear, etc.
    In a supported trek, porters carry heavy personal items and the trekkers are required to carry minimum items only to make their walk easy. They carry what they might need during the daytime. So, they are briefed to pack their items in two different bags before the commence of the journey.

    What happens if I get sick

    The most important thing is “DON’T PANIC”, you should always ensure that you have a well-stocked and appropriate medical kit as well as sufficient insurance just in case, you should have to be evacuated by Helicopter. A slight case of diarrhea is to be some times expected, as well as sprains and muscle aches – all a part of walking in the hills. Altitude sickness is extremely dangerous but mostly avoidable if you follow a few simple rules: trek high and sleep low, drink at least 2 liters of water per day (not including beer or soft drinks!), and be sensible. If you feel shortness of breath, a slight headache or dizziness, tell your Sardar fro safety. Lie down, drink water as much as possible. If you are still feeling unwell. After that may consider going down a few hundred meters. Do not pretend you are all right, and do not go down alone. A descent of a few hundred meters overnight may be enough to make you fully able to start trekking again next day. For more information, please visit at This excellent site will inform you all you need to know, and also include a phonetic Mountain porter questionnaire for your porter. Porters are just as prone to altitude sickness as everyone else is

    What is the weather & temperature like

    Weather in the mountains is notoriously difficult and hard to predict. Of course, it is generally cold at night, and in winter, the days can be quite beautiful if the sun is out. There can be snow or rain storms any time of the year. Trekking in spring (March – April) is particularly lovely and beautiful as the rhododendrons are in full bloom. The mountains still have plenty of high snow to snap your photos. You need to be aware that it can get pretty hot and sunstroke can be a risk. Good polarizing sunglasses or glacier glasses (not trendy fashion ones) for high altitudes/winter treks, and a large brimmed hat are a necessity. It is also important to make sure that you can stay warm and dry in just about any conditions. Expect the unexpected! Between 1000m and 3500m the temperature could be as high as 20 deg C to 5 deg C low. At higher altitude, the temperature ranges from 20 deg C to -10 deg C. During winter it is around 10 deg colder.

  • Package


    Cost of trek covers all Stay/food/local site sight-seen/ all transportation (rest of air fare)/Basic trekking gear/paper work etc.

    Given cost for fix date group joining.

    Group of 6: INR26900/- per person (with all tax)

    One day for backup for emergency for bed weather or something unpredictable.

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