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trek to Shri Khand Mahadev

Shrikhand Mahadev peak which resembles the Shivling is located at an altitude of 5,155 meters. It is believed that Lord Shiva meditated here and the Pandavas visited this peak. Devotees of Lord Shiva visit the top of the mountain where a small shrine of Lord Shiva is installed. Devotees trek to the peak during the main pilgrimage season of July and August. The temple is considered to be the abode of Lord Shiva, which attracts religious people as well as for climbers –Shrikhand Mahadev Peak Tour. A few glaciers have to be crossed before reaching the majestic peak of Shrikhand, where pilgrims perform puja. The view from 5155 meters is simply splendid — one literally feels on the top of the world. The surrounding snow-covered peaks and mountains add to the grandeur. Due to strong bone-chilling winds it is difficult to stay on the top for a long time. The Kailash is situated at 16900 feet above sea level can be accessed from Bathad, Gushani, Jeori and Jaon. The climb is difficult and offers a panoramic view. Singh gad, named after a brave man who dared to live there and later established a village, is the last habitat of civilization on this route.
  • Itinerary

    Day01: – Kalka – Shimla (Enjoy the ride of toy train from Kalka to Shimla)

    Reception at Kalka then we move to Shimla by Toy train.The railway track is small in width between Kalka and Shimla and is known as meter gauge track opened by British Government in the year 1903. The distance of 96 KM between Shimla and Kalka passes through 103 tunnels and 87 bridges. There are more than 20 stations in this railway system which still uses the old Neal’s Token Instrument system for track interlocking. It connects Kalka at a height of 656 meter to Shimla at 2076 meter from mean sea level. There are around 900 curves and sharpest curve is of 48 degree. The five to six hour journey is one of the best train journeys. Overnight in hotel.

    Day02: Shimla to Damahar


    Temp-15 to 25 degree


    Places to visit along the journey

    ► Shimla to Rampur bhushar– Drive along river satluj.

    ► Rampur bhushar to Sarahan– Beautiful landscape and apple orchads.

    ► Sarahan to jeuri– Hot sulphur water spring

    ► Jeuri to jahkri– A look of asia’s biggest hydro power project(1500 MW)

    ► Jeuri to devdhank– Shiva cave darshana

    ► Devdhank to Nirmand– Asia’s biggest village also known as BHRAMINS village

    (Ambika Mata Temple built in 7th century & Shiv Temple)

    ► Nirmand to Damhar– Reach village Damhar along rivultes,apple orchads.

    Over night in camps and bon-fire

    Day03: Damhar to Bheem Talai


    Temp- 5 to 15 Degree

    Humidity- Normal

    Start trek early in the morning

    ► Reach singhguard– The last village of the region(3km)

    ► Sing guard to bharati nallauh– Walk along the rivulte with enchanting forestscenery(2hrs Trek)

    ► Bharati nallauh to Thachdu–

    Moving forward through a highly densed forest with an 80 degree slope called as khare dande ki charai (5 hrs walk)

    ►Thachdu to kalighati– Here you will find beautiful bushes.

    ► Kalighati to Bheem talai– Beautiful landscape, rare species of plants, and herbs.

    Day04: Bheem talai to Parvati Bagh

    Altitude- 14000ft

    Humidity- Normal

    Temp 2 -10 Degree

    ►After a complete rest start trek to Parvati Bagh along beautiful flower valleys, water falls.(5hrs walk)

    ►Familiarization with the climate and the region (14000 feet)

    Day05: Parvati Bagh to Shrikhand Mahadev to Parvati Bagh

    Altitude-16900 feet


    Temp-2 to 10 degree

    ►Trek early in the morning to Srikhand Mahadev

    ► Experience beautiful landscape, natural lake(Nain Sarovar), Rocks, Glaciers etc.

    ► And you will reach to the level of clouds.

    ► Experience the heaven

    ► Darshana of shivlingam

    ► Back to Parvati Bagh

    Over Night Stay in Camps

    Day06: Paravti Bagh to Thachdu

    ►Trek back to Thachdu– Bone fire & enjoy in the forest

    Over Night in Camps

    Day07: Thachdu to Damahar

    ► Trek back to village damhar and have rest.

    ► After complete rest interact with the villagers and see beautiful scenery around the village.

    ► Bone fire and enjoy local dishes of the place.

    Day08: Damhar to Shimla

    ► Visit hatu peak in Narkanda(3500 Mtrs).

    ► Back to Shimla (Droping)

    Day09: Departure Day

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