What travel documents do I need?
One must possess a passport which is valid for minimum 6 months from the date of entry into India. Many countries have been included in the list of countries whose citizens are provided E-Visa facility provided they apply 72 hours in advance. Other nationals need to obtain Indian visa in advance to enter India. Please carry a valid government id with you at all times.
What is the best time to visit India?
It depends on which part of India if you wish to visit. In case you are interested in visiting Ladakh, Spiti or other parts of Himalaya then summer season is the best time. If you want to visit Rajasthan, other parts of North India or South India then winter season (October till March) is ideal period. Even travelling during monsoon months (July – September) is also not a bad idea to visit Rajasthan and other places which experience less rainfall
How should I travel around in India?
The best way to travel within India is to travel by road as this offers you an opportunity to have a glimpse of real INDIA, the physiography ranging from vast desserts to the mighty Himalayas. You can visit en-route villages and small forts at your own pace which is not possible by air or by train. But, if you are travelling to long distance, then taking a flight or trains can be more convenient and to save time.
If at all, I have to use a travel agent / tour operator, why Planet Way Round?
“I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost We were just a bunch of random youngsters who grew up in the mountains. The champagne mountain air and the whiff of conifers filled our hearts with the irrepressible quest to travel and explore. From a day’s hiking trip is slowly cascaded to few days of camping and then the distances, thrill, happiness and the urge to learn and travel grew exponentially. From a group of friends on a roadtrip it grew to large lots of people travelling far and wide. The skill grew, the vision evolved and new roads unwinded leading to newer destinations. Road trips turned into expeditions and explorations with the sole urge to know, discover and learn. Experience how it feels to belong to a larger family of fun filled travel enthusiasts. Join the tribe to add life in your days –
What services do we offer?
We are a one stop travel shop and provide every kind of travel related services for any occasion – business or pleasure or both. We organize all arrangements for conferences, trade fairs, exhibitions and events. We specialise in adventure tours, jeep and motorcycle tours, health tourism, pilgrimage tours, or any special interest tours anywhere in India and also to neighbouring countries
How do I plan my tour?
It is simple with us. You may get details of well-designed tour packages in our digital brochure. If want a particular tailor made tour, let us know your requirements and we can help you designing your trip keeping in mind your specifications
How can I book my tour with you?
If you are interested in booking any of our brochure tours, you may, you may simply send us an email giving us your
What is included in your tour cost?
Our tour cost usually includes hotel accommodations with breakfast, all transfers, city tours and excursions by private airconditioned car / van / coach depending on number of persons with as per itinerary, train fare if applicable, local English speaking or other foreign language speaking guides if available for city tours, entrances fee to monuments, our assistance on arrival and during the tour, Our cost may also include some special attractions viz elephant ride, camel safari, boat ride
What about payment terms?
We normally need an advance amount once we are able to confirm you arrangements for the tour. The amount depends on the services you may require for the tour. This can be paid through bank transfer (before arrival) credit card, traveller’s
What if I have to make any changes in the tour for any reason?
We shall do our best to make changes as per your request and shall not charge you anything unless there is penalty
Will I know which hotels I will be staying in before I go?
Yes, we will send you a detailed list of hotels at the time of confirmation of our services and before asking you for advance
Who will I meet on my arrival in India?
You will be greeted by our representative at airport on your arrival. You shall be taken a can service to the place of stay. We shall also provide you list of emergency 24 hours contact numbers for any emergency
If I come across any problem during my trip, how would you help me?
We provide truly 24 X 7 assistance. Our office is open 24 hours a day which means that you will always have someone to assist you even at any point of time. We shall also give you mobile nos. of executives who you may call in case of any.