Luxury Rajasthan Motorbike Tour India

 13 nights 12 days Oct / Nov / Dec / Jan / Feb / Mar

Come and cruise Rajasthan on a bike! Rajasthan - the Land of the Princes - is perhaps the most fascinating region on the subcontinent. This Rajasthan tour doesn’t call for any special riding skills, other than coping with chaotic traffic in a few cities. Any competent road rider can easily handle the tour. HighlightItineraryThing to [...]
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Ladakh Motorcycle Trip

 7 nights 8 days June / July / August / September

Motorcycle tour in Himalayas Ladakh is known as “the Moonland”, “Little Tibet” or even more romantically as “the last Shangri-La”. Ladakh is the most remote region of India. It is a barren, virtually rainless area. Ladakh beckons for more than one reason. The defiance of its barren landscape, its unique flora and fauna, its culture, [...]
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Offroad Himalayas Motorcycle Tour

 11 nights 12 days August / September

Motorcycle tour in Himalayas This is best described as a roller coaster motorbike ride: from the Buddhist monasteries of Ladakh, through the mysterious Zanskar Valley, rarely visited Spiti Valley and desertic high-altitude landscapes, we will head straight to visit Dharamshala, the asylum seat of Dalai Lama. In the last years a lot of new roads [...]
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Vietnam Offroad Motorcycle Tour

 11 nights / 12 days September

Northwestern Vietnam is absolutely remarkable because of its rugged mountain ranges, green valleys and famous rice terraces, that together provide a unique backdrop to our tour. The mountains can reach up to 3000 m above sea level, and the valleys are extremely steep and deep. The rich cultural diversity and many ethnic minorities living in [...]
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Discover Unknown Himalaya – Offroad Motorcycle Tour

 10 nights 11 days August / September

Motorcycle tour in Himalayas This is best described as a roller-coaster motorbike ride: from the Buddhist monasteries of Ladakh, through the mysterious Zanskar Valley and desertic high-altitude landscapes we will head straight up to the highest pass in the world – Umling La (5848 m). The Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri lakes are also on [...]
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Pir Panjal with Zanskar -Motorcycle Tour

 12 nights 13 days June to October

Extreme Himalayan Motorcycle tour The road to Pir Panjal & Zanskar travels through some of the most difficult terrains in the Himalayas. Be it the climb to Sach pass, crossing the narrow road to Killar or travelling through Zanskar where new roads are being made, this is a drive full of adventure passing through some [...]
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Costa Rica – Motorcycle Tour

 11 nights / 12 days November

Costa Rica means "rich coast" and is also called the Switzerland of Central America. It is a country for people who love nature and adrenaline. Breathtaking Pacific Ocean coast and amazing Caribbean Sea coast, together with magnificent mountain range located between them crate perfect combination for motorcycle trips. Winding asphalt and gravel mountain trails amidst [...]
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Tanzania – Motorcycle Tour

 11 nights / 12 days October

This custom-made expedition is a must for bikers and nature lovers. The Tour will take us along a loop across all of Northern Tanzania. First, circling the world-famous Kilimanjaro. Then heading towards lake Chala where we can swim to confirm crocodiles were indeed eradicated from it! Then the gorgeous Lushoto highlands await is – this [...]
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Motorcycle Journey from Nepal to Tibet

 14 nights 15 days May to October

Tibet  the sacred land of myths and mysteries inhabited by the ever smiling people, has not only exerted a magnetic pull upon travelers for centuries but also spies, missionaries, scholars, geographers, mystics, soldiers and cranks, etc. Yet, only a few intrepid, serious and determined have been able to make it. Tibet was opened to tourism [...]
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Breathtaking Bhutan Cultural Motorcycle Tour

 12 nights 13 days June to October

Explore the royal country of Himalaya, Bhutan! Join Planet Way Round for a spellbinding journey on two wheels through the land of the dragon as you are taken from breathtaking valleys to mountain hugging monasteries and alpine meadows that dot this land, Bhutan! This country is the go-to place for adrenalin junkies, adventure seekers, mountaineers, [...]
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