Cycling Tours in the Himalayas  


One of the biggest disadvantages of travelling with a regular tour is being packed along with lots of other travelers to tourist attractions.

This means that you will have a limited amount of time to appreciate the view’s or soak in the beauty of your destination and end up spending a significant amount of time along with other tourists in the restricted spaces of tour buses or coaches.

Cycling is increasingly becoming part of our everyday routine. Not only does it keep you fit, so how about an alternative cycling route?

Swap the backdrop of grey buildings and lines of traffic for snow-capped mountains and rural paths; head to the Himalayas for an adrenaline-fuelled cycling holiday as you journey through the world’s highest mountains and the deepest gorge’s.

Simply put, in an Cycling trip you have total control and freedom of your travel schedule, plus the advantage of a travelling crew you can take you off-roading / hiking / camping or even help you cook your own meals near a beautiful stream.

This option is great for travelers who don’t like the idea of a fixed itinerary as it can be stressful and offers no privacy or flexibility.

Some popular Cycling tours in the Himalayas 

Cycling from Manali to Leh

Cycling from Manali to Sangla