Forget the glass slippers. This princess wears motorcycle boots

A female who rides a motorcycle is one of the most evolved women you shall ever meet. We love that more and more women are taking to the biker lifestyle and that it is the fastest growing community in the motorcycle world.

Perhaps the interest in riding started on the back seat of a bike, or maybe they just woke up one day and decided that nothing can beat the thrill of breeze on your face and two wheels moving your soul. Either way, there is nothing more empowering than climbing onto their own bike and taking to the open road with the bike and its thump as their closest companion.


Our bike trips are designed for women of all ages, abilities and interests. Some come with roommates while others come alone, but everyone goes home as friends. If you don’t mind sharing a room, we’ll match you with a roommate too.

We know that women riders love motorcycling just as much as men do, and we know female riders are just as badass. If you prefer riding with your gal pals, join one of our women only motorcycle tours and enjoy the world in the best company imaginable!

Adventure should be part of everyone’s life. It is the whole difference between being fully alive and just existing

History is littered with countless women who have achieved success in the field of adventuring despite the struggles and obstacles, both real and ideological. These women manage to inspire all of us by the magnificent struggles they have faced and overcome in order to be called adventurers.

We want to promote and carry forward the spirit of adventure, exploration and enthusiasm in women. It is this indomitable spirit of wanderlust that makes them go places, discover, learn and explore the far wide world

We curate special tours and plans for women who need a break from their mundane, hectic routines and taste life to the brim

“Just let us know where you want to head next and we shall take care of the travel plans, bookings, logistics, vehicles etc. ensuring the safety, comfort and convenience of our female friends comes first.”


Our Tours for Women riders 

Ladakh Motorcycle Tour for Women – 4 Lakes and 12 Passes of Himalayas

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