Overland 4×4 Tours – Self Drive Tours 


One of the biggest disadvantages of travelling with a regular tour is being packed along with lots of other travelers to tourist attractions.

This means that you will have a limited amount of time to appreciate the view’s or soak in the beauty of your destination and end up spending a significant amount of time along with other tourists in the restricted spaces of tour buses or coaches.

An Overland 4×4 tours Self Drive Expedition offers you greater freedom and more options to explore. With drives in remote corners of the country there will be plenty of wonderful sceneries just on the way from one spot to another.

Simply put, in a self drive expedition you have total control and freedom of your travel schedule, plus the advantage of a travelling crew you can take you off-roading / hiking / camping or even help you cook your own meals near a beautiful stream.

This option is great for travelers who don’t like the idea of a fixed itinerary as it can be stressful and offers no privacy or flexibility.

Some popular 4×4 Self Drive Jeep Tour are as below

Overland Himalayas 4×4 Zanskar & Shinkula

Overland Ladakh 04 Lakes & 12 Passes

Overland Lahaul & Spiti

Overland Pir Panjal with Spiti

Overland Himalayas 4×4 Ladakh & Shinkula

Overland Mustang – Tiji Festival Drive 2022

Winter Spiti Snow Chain Drive

Overland Kyrgyzstan