Ladakh Motorcycle Tour for Women – 4 Lakes and 12 Passes of Himalayas

 10 nights 11 days June to October

This 4 Lakes and 12 Passes of Ladakh Tour is founded on Planet Way Round's 20 years of experience with motorcycle expeditions in Ladakh. You can expect new tracks, passes, and highlights never before offered on an organized motorcycle tour. This is the first tour to take on 12 extremely high Himalayan passes, you’ll be [...]
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Royal Bhutan Motorcycle Tour

 11 nights 12 days May to October

Join Planet Way Round for a spellbinding journey on two wheels through the land of the dragon as you are taken from breathtaking valleys to mountain hugging monasteries and alpine meadows that dot this land, Bhutan! This country is the go-to place for adrenalin junkies, adventure seekers, mountaineers, and those who wish to relax and [...]
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Himalayan Motorcycle Tour from Spiti Valley to Pangi Valley

 11 nights 12 days June to October

Join Planet Way Round in this adventurous motorcycle tour in Pir Panjal Range, India. Pir Panjal Range is very rarely covered and Planet Way Round is delighted to offer you this tour. This tour will give you a sense of adventure because you are taking part in Himalaya expeditions with its challenging route and considerable [...]
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Overland Kyrgyzstan

 11 nights 12 days June to September

Let’s have a wonderful and adventurous tour to Kyrgyzstan.  Kyrgyzstan, the land of celestial mountains, true nomadic lifestyle and  the real spirit of freedom and happiness. It’s a Paradise for travelers looking beyond the horizon of the well-known destinations and only the well travelled visit this country. For those seeking Luxury / Pleasure / Nightlife / [...]
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The Epic Mongolian Family Holiday

 12 nights 13 days May to September

Welcome to the land of The Blue Sky  A trip to Mongolia is definitely the road less travelled. Not perhaps the hottest destination choice or on top of many travel bucket lists, it is a country of incredible natural beauty that still preserves the traditional nomadic way of life. Rugged Mongolia is an adventure destination [...]
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